The Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad

OzCLO is a contest for high school students. It challenges them to develop their own strategies for solving problems in fascinating real languages. The program is designed for high school students from year 9 to year 12. Any secondary school student who enjoys the sample problems is a potential contestant.

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2015 Initial Information Release

Round 1(ONLINE): Thursday, 12th March.

Round 1 (OFFLINE): 9-13th March, 2015. Venues and times to be arranged later, but it is anticipated there will be offline competitions in Victoria and University of New England, in northern NSW.

Round 2: Tues 31st March 2015.


Dominique Estival on OzCLO at the Sydney Language Festival

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Linguistics Olympiads in the Media

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David Crystal, internationally renown linguist, recently

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OzCLO Organisers and Participants on ABC PM Program

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Dr Dominique Estival, Associate Professor Jane Simpson,

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Competition Format

The OzCLO contest is held in two rounds.

The First Round is a two hour competition, usually held in February or early March, at a number of locations across Australia. Participants work in teams of four on a range of language analysis problems. The teams are usually selected by their schools. The competition is held at the local host university, with some schools also being able to act as host. In 2012, we introduced a web-based option. The top three teams for each region then go on to the National Round, which has the same format as the First Round. The National Round is usually held in late March, with results announced around Easter.

The winners of the National Round are offered the opportunity of representing Australia at the International Linguistics Olympiad (ILO), which is usually held in late July or early August.

All participants complete the same tasks, with achievements recognised at the Junior level (years 9-10) and the Senior level (years 11-12).


Registration is free. When the competition is open (early February), this website handles registration.

Training Sessions

Training sessions for participants are held at some locations, and training materials are also available on this website. We explain how the competition is run and give an overview of the fields of linguistics, computational linguistics and language technologies. We also go over sample problems and give tips for solving them. If you would like to find out more about training sessions in each state, please email the local organisers.


Australian Capital Territory


New South Wales South (Sydney and surrounding regions)


New South Wales North (New England and northern NSW)


Northern Territory




South Australia




Western Australia

Click here to visit the WA website or email wa@ozclo.org.au

General enquiries
Website enquiries


General enquires and issues

If you have other questions about the competition, or think we should add something to the site, please contact your regional representative (or general administration if you are not sure who that is).

Website related

The OzCLO website is broken!

The new OzCLO website (launched for the 2013 competition) is based on HTML5, CSS3, and makes heavy use of Javascript. As a result, it is no longer compatible with older browsers. If the website looks to you as if it may be impaired in some way, there is a chance the browser you are using is severely out of date. Measures have been taken to update this website to remove support for such antiquated browsers as these browser are either no longer safe (i.e. the maker of the browser no longer supports it), or because the work required to maintain the website for those browsers was negatively impacting the experience of other users.

If you believe you are effected, we encourage you to consider the following free browsers (which offer free security updates at the time of writing):

Mozilla's Firefox (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android)

Google Chrome (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, built into many Android devices)

Apple Safari (Windows, built into Mac/OSX and iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Unfortunately, testing does not allow checking other browsers (such as Opera), or the myriad of mobile devices with multiple operating systems and browsers (e.g. Nokia, Blackberry). If you need to use the website from an unsupported device, please make sure your browser supports HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

My teams won't register! or I never got my activation email!

In the past we have had problems with form submissions. If you have specific problems, or for some reason the issues are persistent, please contact the webmaster.