Explanation of the registration process

Please note only school-based teams in Australia may participate, and only teachers may register teams.

OzCLO 2023 has concluded and registration is closed. See you in 2024!

If you wish to compete Offline, please also contact your local organisers to discuss.

STEP 1: Teacher Registration

The first thing you need to do is register yourself as an OzCLO teacher.

If you are already registered as a teacher from last year, please log in. Otherwise, please create a new teacher account.

There will be further information on registering for the competition in the teacher portal.

STEP 2: Team Registration

After you’ve created a Teacher Account and logged in, you can register the total number of teams from your school in the teacher portal.

Team registration costs $40 per team. There will be a late fee of $20 per team for those fail to register before February 24.

You will receive login information for all of your teams after registration closes. Please also note the team logins are different from the teacher logins.

STEP 3: Competition Day

On competition day, students compete by logging in with their team login details on the COMPETITION PAGE (whose link will be sent to teachers).

Teachers will also need to log into the competition page for access to the paper exam and live support. But students will not be able to compete with their teacher ‘s login.

If you encounter any difficulties with registration or have any questions please contact your local organisers or email us at [email protected]