OzCLO 2024 registration is now open.

Note: Teachers do not need to enter students’ names and year levels before the competition. Students will fill in a Team Information Questionnaire on the Competition Day (Wednesday 6th March). Each team has a unique login to the competition site. These login details, along with links to the competition site and further competition day instructions will be emailed to teachers on Monday 4th March 2024

STEP 1: Teacher Registration

The first step is to register yourself as an OzCLO teacher or log in to your existing account via the OzCLO Teacher Account page.

Please note that important Competition Day information such as team login details will be sent to the email address that you register with. Please contact [email protected] if you need a different email address to receive Competition Day information (for example, if you are registering teams but a different teacher is running the competition day).

STEP 2: Team Registration

After you’ve created a Teacher Account and logged in, scroll down to “Student Team Registration” to register the total number of teams for your school.

Team registration costs $40 per team. The registration deadline of Friday the 1st of March is a hard deadline and no teams will be accepted after this date.

Payment is not required before the competiton. But payments not recieved by the 6th of April will incur a $20 late fee. This is to offset the costs we incur following up on late payments.

You will receive login information for all of your teams after registration closes. Please also note the team logins are different from the teacher logins.

STEP 3: Competition Day

On Competition Day, students compete by logging in with their team login details on the Competition Page (whose link will be sent to teachers).

Teachers will also need to log into the competition page for access to the paper exam and live support. Students will not be able to compete with their teacher ‘s login.

If you encounter any difficulties with registration or have any questions please contact your local organisers or email us at [email protected]

Please note only school-based teams in Australia may participate, and only teachers may register teams.

(Note home-schooled teams are also accepted. And if you are a student who wishes to participate, but cannot through your school, please get in touch with us [email protected] and we’ll work with you to facilitate a team)

If you wish to compete Offline, please also contact [email protected] to discuss.

ABN 53752617881