Organising Committees

Each competing region was managed by a committee.  The names listed below are for OzCLO 2015.

Steering Committee
  • Dr Verna Rieschild (Chair)
  • Dr Diego Moll√°-Aliod (Treasurer)
  • Dr Mary Laughren (Problems)
  • Dr Andrea Schalley (Online competition)
  • Cathy Bow
  • Dr John Henderson
  • Dr Barbara Kelly
  • Dr Elisabeth Mayer
  • Dr Colette Mrowa-Hopkins
  • Hedvig Skirgard
The Australian Capital Territory Committee
  • Dr. Elisabeth Mayer (Chair)
  • Dr. Jennifer Hendricks
  • Prof. Jane Simpson
  • Alexandra Grant
New South Wales
  • Dr Greg Flannery (Chair, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Verna Rieschild (Macquarie University)
  • Dr Mengistu Amberber (University of NSW)
  • Dr Britta Jensen
Northern Territory
  • Cathy Bow
  • Helen Harper
  • Paul Black
  • Meera Ganeshkumar
  • Nicoletta Romeo
Queensland Local Committee
  • Dr Andrea Schalley (Chair)
  • Dr Adriana Diaz
  • Dr Susana Eisenchlas
  • Dr Ilana Mushin
  • Lochlan Morrissey
South Australian Committee
  • Dr Colette Mrowa-Hopkins (Chair)
  • Dr Robert Amery
  • Jennifer Biggs
  • Dr Tim Curnow
  • Dr Ian Green
Victorian Local Committee
  • Dr Barbara Kelly (Chair)
  • Dr Rachel Nordlinger
  • Jill Vaughan
  • Lauren Gawne
Western Australian Local Committee
  • Dr John Henderson (Chair)