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OzCLO 2024 Registration

If you wish to participate in OzCLO 2024 offline, please first get in contact with your local OzCLO organiser.

Student Team Registration

Note: Teachers do not need to enter students’ names and year levels before the competition. Students will fill in a Team Information Questionnaire on the Competition Day (Wednesday 6th March). Each team has a unique login to the competition site. These login details, along with links to the competition site and further competition day instructions will be emailed to teachers on Monday 4th March 2024

Registration for OzCLO 2024 is now open.

Registration costs $40 per team, and can be purchased here. This applies to both Junior and Senior teams. After registering, you will receive an invoice by email. Please allow up to 1 business day for this invoice to arrive. If you have still not received an invoice, please email us at [email protected].

Payment can be made by credit card, paypal, bank transfer or you can request for us to send an invoice to your finance officer.

You cannot register additional teams after the 1st of March.

You can finalise payment after the competition. However, if payment is not received by the 6th of April we will charge a Late Fee of $20 to offset our costs involved in following up on payment. If you are unable to pay but would still like to participate, please contact us.

Teacher Site For Competition Day

The teacher site is an LMS interface that provides you with a printable PDF of the test paper on the day of the competition. It also offers several useful features such as an announcement board and live chat room, which will be used to provide support on the day.

Access to the teacher site will be provided to the email address you use for team registration! Please email [email protected] if you need another email address to have access to this teacher site.

For any technical problems or difficulties with the above, please email [email protected].