The First Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad was held in 2008. It was organised by Dr Dominique Estival and Dr Jane Simpson (University of Sydney) and Dr Rachel Nordlinger (University of Melbourne), with funding from the HCSNet.
The organising committee consisted of:<ul>
<li>Dr Tim Baldwin, University of Melbourne</li>
<li>Dr Dominique Estival, ALTA and University of Sydney</li>
<li>Dr Diego Mollá-Aliod, ALTA, HCSNet and Macquarie University</li>
<li>Dr Jean Mulder, University of Melbourne</li>
<li>Dr Rachel Nordlinger, ALS and University of Melbourne</li>
<li>Dr Jane Simpson, University of Sydney</li></ul>
with the help of two administrative assistants:<ul>
<li>Elwin Cross, under the supervision of Dr Jane Simpson at the University of Sydney</li>
<li>Saya Ike, under the supervision of Dr Jean Mulder at the University of Melbourne</li></ul>
and of student volunteers during the competitions in Melbourne and Sydney.